Benefits to the employer

  • An opportunity to actively support valued employees as part of their outplacement package
  • A more dynamic and proactive alternative to traditional outplacement
  • A tangible demonstration of corporate responsibility
  • Enhanced reputation as an employer of choice
  • Contribution to the retention of talent in the region
  • Exceptional value for money

Benefits to the employee

  • Immediate, intensive support
  • Fast track to a clear and planned future
  • Unique opportunity to consider new options and directions
  • Unprecedented access to major employers, influencers and decision makers
  • A clear game plan for the way forward
  • Opportunities for peer group support and networking

The practicalities

  • 3-week intensive programme, plus 3-month follow-up
  • Delivered both virtually and at venues in the North East
  • Some bursary funding may be available


“The LEO programme enabled me to depersonalise redundancy and provided the environment to cope with the emotional pressures. Whilst my earlier career had come to end, the LEO programme gave me the confidence to start my new successful career. I highly recommend the programme to others in similar circumstances”

George Dodds – Director, Public Health Scotland