Activities that will take place throughout the programme

  • Personal brand and promotion
  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Exposure to a wide range of organisations / sectors
  • Exploration of retraining / education / voluntary / portfolio careers
  • Skills development in preparation (recruitment / CV / personal brand and promotion – virtual and physical)
  • Individual and small group activities to explore opportunities within the region
  • Interaction with thriving businesses and new or evolving sectors
  • Networking meetings with business leaders and successful business individuals
  • Opportunity to meet with businesses that are actively looking at recruitment

Stage 1

Taking stock. Where am I now? What can I do? What skills and experience do I have?

Stage 2

Broadening horizons and options. Marketing and self-promotion

Stage 3

Planning own campaign, focussing on new opportunities. Go out there and do it.

“The LEO programme enabled me to depersonalise redundancy and provided the environment to cope with the emotional pressures. Whilst my earlier career had come to end, the LEO programme gave me the confidence to start my new successful career. I highly recommend the programme to others in similar circumstances”

George Dodds – Director, Public Health Scotland