Harnessing, channelling and retaining enterprising talent for the North East’s future.

LEO is aimed at talented and valued employees who, due to prevailing economic conditions, lose their jobs through redundancy. Its objective is to harness and channel hard-earned skills so that everyone – employees and employers – emerge from the pandemic in the strongest possible position to move forward.

The LEO Programme is sponsored by NCFE, and endorsed by North East Local Enterprise Partnership (NELEP), Entrepreneurs Forum, People Gauge, Dynamo North East, North East England Chamber of Commerce (NEECC), Newcastle Gateshead Initiative (NGI) and Confederation of British Industry (CBI).

LEO is an intensive 3-week programme to assist qualifying individuals on an enforced career break to analyse, enhance and if necessary, re-package their skills for the next stage of their career. The programme is aimed at:

  • Valued employees who are being lost as a result of the current economic climate
  • Senior managerial, executive and professional staff
  • Individuals with a track record of success and the ambition, energy and openness to seize the opportunity

Participants will be encouraged to consider and explore all their options, ranging from embarking on a new career, engaging with education or training, starting their own business or looking at new sectors.

Week 1

Analysis of skills and talents. Exploration of personal brand and skills.

Week 2

Considering the options – employment, enterprise, education and social purpose.

Week 3

Making choices, working out the practicalities, drawing up a personal career plan and actions.

Maggie Pavlou, LEO Programme Director

“LEO is a unique programme, designed to achieve specific results and tailored towards a very specific type of person – high performing individuals who find themselves unexpectantly at a pivotal point in their lives.

The LEO programme is designed to allow each individual the time to re-energise their appetite for change, expand their horizons so they can re-imagine their future, re-build their confidence and ultimately re-focus themselves on new opportunities.

All of the previous LEO Programmes were incredibly successful and I am confident that the LEO 2021 Programmes will produce similar results”

Maggie Pavlou, LEO Programme Director